Kavita Gandhalikar

Kavita Gandhalikar - Physiotherapist

In her profession, Kavita likes to take every day as an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and their families who she works with as well as an opportunity to learn new things for herself. She graduated with a Masters in Pediatric Physiotherapy from India in 2012. Since then, she has worked to provide clinical Physiotherapy services in various settings including private clinics, hospitals, pediatric multispeciality hospitals, Pediatric physiotherapy centres and has also worked as an Honorary Physiotherapist at a Foster home for children in India.

Kavita and her husband moved to Canada from India in 2016 and after working towards getting licensed to work as a Registered PT in Ontario, Kavita started working in 2017 in the Mississauga region. She worked in multiple private practices in and around the GTA before she and her family moved to Belleville. From there on, Kavita gradually re-directed her practice more into Pediatric Physiotherapy services. She continues to receive education and training in this field and is currently grateful to be able to offer services through multiple Pediatric PT approaches including DMI training, Sensory Integration for Children with Special needs and Early Intervention Services and NDT informed approaches.

When she is not working, Kavita loves to write, hike, watch certain good TV shows and definitely - spending time with her lovely family – her husband and two amazing girls.

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