Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

BIHC Belleville - Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Our chiropractors have extensive training in many areas of health care, which gives them the ability to help their patients recover faster. The goal is not to create a maintenance patient, but to address the concerns and discharge as soon as possible.

New generation chiropractic care

The chiropractors at BIHC are unique in their treatment approach, as they do not solely rely on traditional manipulative techniques. Practitioners have extensive training in cutting-edge treatment modalities such as: myofascial release techniques (ART), medical acupuncture, dry needling, Fascial Abrasion Technique, personal training and strength and conditioning. They are highly trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all muscular, skeletal, joint (ligament), and nerve problems.

Whether it is an acute injury, chronic pain, sport specific injury or a post-surgical case, the goal is to resolve the problem and prevent it from coming back.

What should I expect?

During your first visit, our chiropractors will conduct a complete and thorough health history and physical exam that will allow them to design a treatment plan specifically for you. Your treatment will initially focus on relieving your immediate pain, discomfort and/or restricted mobility. Once your acute pain is relieved, our chiropractors will then focus on corrective care to help restore your health. Our treatment plans combine integrative therapy and rehabilitative exercises. The goal is for you to achieve a pain-free state without relying on ongoing therapy.

Appointments are generally 30-40 minutes.