How it Works

Preparing for your upcoming Virtual health Appointment

All you need is an internet connection, access to a laptop, smartphone or tablet, and to follow these instructions:

  1. Book your initial assessment / consultation online by emailing or phoning the clinic * Email us at or by phoning 613-966-9500
  2. Complete your Patient Intake, Personal Disclosure and Virtual Health Chiropractic Consent Form or Virtual Health Physiotherapy Consent Form found in the Patient Forms section on our website. Additional forms may be required and will be emailed to you upon booking your appointment. Please take the time to complete these prior to your virtual visit.
  3. You can join your virtual health appointment using either a cell phone/ iPad or a laptop computer by clicking the link in the email sent from your practitioner. If you did not receive this email, first check your junk mail, if you still cannot find it, then go to your practitioners virtual health “check in” tab on our website and check in from there.
  4. Please arrive to your appointment a few minutes early - ** note: from a laptop please use google chrome or safari web browser **
  5. When your therapist is ready they will welcome you from the waiting room with a live video connection in your private and secure one on one appointment.
    To ensure you have a great appointment please review the following:

    1. You have your camera set up in a location that allows you to move around and still be seen so your practitioner can observe different angles, movements or body parts.

    2. You have clear audio/video -test your webcam and microphone beforehand (consider using wireless headphones/mic for clearer sound, but not necessary)

    3. Have a private space free of distraction so you can focus on what you need

    4. Ensure the lighting is ideal, with limited glare from windows natural light

    5. You have on appropriate attire that allows you to move freely and allows the practitioner to assess the complaint (lower limb - knee or ankle, please wear shorts, Shoulder ailment - please wear a tank top.)

  6. Following your appointment your practitioner will summarize the goals and treatment plan you agree on, assist you with booking your follow-up sessions, and send you your homework. To access your exercise plan, you will be required to sign in to your Embodia account or download the app, which can be located in the app store, google play, or