Commonly Asked Questions

1. Will my insurance pay for virtual health chiropractic or physiotherapy sessions?

Many insurance companies will cover virtual health appointments. We recommend contacting them directly to see if your particular plan will cover the desired service prior to booking an appointment.

2. Do you provide direct billing to my insurance provider?

We direct bill to Canada Life, Sunlife and Manulife. You will need to provide payment information for any remaining balance not covered. We will contact you directly if there are any issues with your billing.

If you are a WSIB or Motor Vehicle Accident patient you will want to discuss your treatment with your case manager and see if they will accept virtual visits. Our providers will discuss details with them if needed.

3. How do I know who to book with?

BIHC therapists are licensed to practice virtual health chiropractic, physiotherapy in Ontario.
Some practitioner guidance may be:

  • Orthopaedics (strains, sprains), general pains, movement or postural disorders: Matt (chiropractor) or Erica (physiotherapist)
  • Concussion: Erica
  • Pelvic Health: Angela (physiotherapist)

4. Can you treat everything via virtual health?

You can expect to receive the same exceptional BIHC care throughout virtual health services as you would in our clinic. However, although many situations are served well by virtual health, not everything will be appropriate. Your therapist will absolutely inform you if they feel they will not be able to help you ~ they will direct you to whom else in your own community (another health care profession for example), or the type of referral you may need to receive from your GP to move you forward in your care.

Common treatments through virtual health include: self-mobilization, education, exercise retraining, active exercise, review & progression of home exercise programs, movement retraining.