Checking In For Your Appointment

Logging into your appointment from your Welcome email

  1. Click the “Join the consult” button provided within your Welcome email to sign in to your Embodia account and join the meeting. Or visit the consult page on Embodia.
  2. If you are prompted to sign in to Embodia, please use the temporary credentials provided in your Welcome email:
    Email: Password: example
  3. Joining this consult requires the installation of Zoom. We strongly recommend installing it prior to the consult to save time. You can download it here under the "Zoom Client for Meetings" heading.
  4. If, for some reason, you are not able to install the Zoom client, you could launch the consult in your web browser. Learn more about the Zoom Web Client.

Logging into your appointment from BIHC website

If you cannot locate the email with your appointment link, connect with your therapist at the time of your appointment here.

Dr. Matthew WongCheck-In

Angela LagerlofCheck-In

Erica ThomasCheck-In

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