Matt Dings (he/him) - Registered Kinesiologist

Matt completed his Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology at Western University in 2014. He is a member of the College of Kinesiologist’s of Ontario in early 2016. At Western, his focus of study included athletic Injures, biomechanics of the human body, and exercise nutrition.

Matt’s role at BIHC is quite diverse, as he has many roles, including: implementing rehabilitative programs for patients, measuring custom bracing and orthotics, performing post-concussive exercise testing, assisting with patient care, and helping the Chiropractic team coordinate therapy.

Matt has also done training in Kinesiotaping, which he utilizes daily with numerous patients and athletes. He has also done training with the experts from the Prague school of rehabilitation (Czech Republic), in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). This training has enabled him to understand neurodevelopmental aspects of motor control, in order to assess and restore dysfunction of the locomotor system and associated syndromes.

Throughout university he was an active participant in the intramural sport programs. Matt has grown up and worked in the Belleville area all his life and is a gradute of Quinte Secondary School. He has always had a passion for health, fitness and sport. Matt’s dedication to exercise and an active lifestyle helps him maintain a high level of fitness. He enjoys soccer, rugby, football and snowboarding.