Dr. Anthony Tapper
Registered Kinesiologist

Dr. Anthony Tapper - Registered Kinesiologist

Dr. Tapper is passionate about optimizing brain health using a multidimensional approach (i.e., nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being). He completed his Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at the University of Windsor, where he participated as a varsity athlete for the Men’s hockey team. He gained interest in understanding the complexity of brain injuries (e.g., sports-related concussion) after seeing many of his teammates become sidelined with this injury over the course of his playing career.

His interest in brain health led him to a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology specializing in Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo where he focused on understanding the impact of concussions on cognition.

While completing his post-graduate degrees he simultaneously refereed in the American Hockey League (AHL) and Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Dr. Tapper is a Certified Concussions Management Provider for managing concussions and post-concussion syndrome through the Complete Concussion Management (CCM). His goal is to help patients return to play/work/life safely and assist those who continue to be burdened by lingering symptoms. Using an evidence-based approach, he understands that getting proper care immediately following a brain injury can drastically influence recovery and quality of life. He stays up to date on the best approach to concussion management as he evaluates the scientific literature on concussions weekly for CCM.